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Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine: How Famous Toastery Plans to Dominate the Better Breakfast Segment
What started as one restaurant has turned into a rapidly growing franchise system.

This better-breakfast concept intends to remain a top contender in the franchising world. 

Famous Toastery, the Charlotte-based franchise founded by childhood friends Robert Maynard and Brian Burchill, debuted in 2005 with a single unit called Toast Café and had no plans to expand. Now, with five corporate and 15 franchised locations, Famous Toastery is continuing to grow. 

The Famous Toastery team aims for what they see as an under served niche in the marketplace — full-service, polished-casual breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Maynard projects that the company will add 20 to 25 units per year in each of the next few years. With the Carolinas remaining the target areas for many of those new stores, the brand has stores planned for Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida with hopes to develop in Colorado, Montana, Utah and California. 

In 2014, Toast Café was renamed Famous Toastery, and entered the franchising world. "We had so many people from all over the country asking us to open units in their cities," Maynard says.

With the breakfast segment is becoming more competitive, Maynard believes Famous Toastery's differentiators will keep it atop the better-breakfast niche. 

"We're very passionate about this brand and are the fastest-growing chain in our niche," he said.

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