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Famous Toastery Adds To-Go Options to Increase Bottom Line for Franchisees
In addition to helping the brand stand out in the better-breakfast segment, introducing to-go and delivery options adds a separate revenue stream for franchisees, too.

When it comes to the restaurant industry these days, there are two constants—people want better-tasting and better-for-you food, and they want it fast.

It’s no surprise, then, to learn that breakfast-to-go is more on-trend than ever before as breakfast menus continue to contribute to more and more growth within the restaurant industry. That’s why, today, focusing on convenience, fast service and unbeatable quality is the name of the game for operators looking to help customers make the most out of their morning meals.

Famous Toastery, which has long been the pioneer in the better-breakfast segment, is no exception. As a full-service breakfast and lunch concept, the brand has recently announced plans to include ready-made items to tap into the demand for convenient breakfast. Four new franchisees will offer hot, ready-to-go bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, in addition to wraps, salads and freshly-squeezed juices with kale, lemon, ginger and apple.

According to Famous Toastery Founder and CEO Robert Maynard, introducing “grab-and-go” items helps the brand stay competitive in an industry where trends, tastes and demands are constantly evolving.

“We’re always looking to tweak our system. We’re constantly analyzing our competitors to figure out what they’re doing—and what they’re not doing—so we can adjust our own operations to stay ahead of the curve,” Maynard said. “When we took a closer look, we realized that nobody is really doing online ordering, delivery or to-go selections very well in our segment. It made sense to continue leading the charge in that respect.”

In addition to helping the brand stand out in the better-breakfast segment, Maynard believes introducing to-go and delivery options adds a separate revenue stream for franchisees, too.

“Every franchisor should always think about how to add to the bottom line of their franchisees. If someone decides to invest in our brand, it’s our obligation as a franchisor to come up with ways to make them more money,” Maynard said. “On a personal level, you can’t take people’s money and only offer the bare minimum. That’s why, it’s our job to get creative—to come up with multiple streams of income and get ahead of the competition.”

This isn’t the first time Famous Toastery has introduced additional revenue streams for its franchisees. Last winter, the brand rolled out a unique wine pairing menu. Before introducing wine to Famous Toastery’s beverage offerings, alcohol sales generally varied from three percent to five or six. But only four months after launching the wine pairings pilot, Maynard reported that alcohol sales increased to an even more impressive seven percent.

“We’re working hard every day to provide new services—it keeps our brand competitive and fresh, and it keeps franchisees happy with their decision to invest,” Maynard said. “A lot of competitors are simply lazy—they have a system that works and they’re OK with that. And it’s hard for a more establish brand—one with 50-plus locations—to ever really change. We have the advantage of being small and nimble. We can get creative when it comes to finding value with our four walls—and customers and franchisees alike are noticing.”