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Charlotte Business Journal: Former NFL Player Inks Franchise Deal with Famous Toastery
Justin Griffith's first location is expected to open in March 2017.

Justin Griffith, former NFL player, signed a franchise deal with Famous Toastery, set to open at 330 S. Tyron St. inside the Charlotte Chamber building. Griffith also has plans for a second location in 2018.

Griffith spent four seasons with the Atlanta Falcons before going on to play with the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks before finally ending his career with the Houston Texans.

"That's the one thing you learn playing professional football, is you have to get out and compete. Training camp can be one of the most stressful times in your life, and to get out there in the hot sun and compete against a person who's trying to take your job, and you're trying to keep your job, you've got to keep it together," Justin Griffith said to the Charlotte Business Journal reporter.

Griffith plans to begin construction on his Famous Toastery location in December with an opening in early-March. This will be the 16th store opening with the brand, which is spread across the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia with another 30 stores in development along the East Coast and Colorado. 

As far as the Charlotte area, there might not be a slew of openings in the near future.

"There's opportunity, but we're also starting to take a little bit of a let's-wait-and-see (approach)," Robert Maynard, Founder of Famous Toastery told the reporter.

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