Why Franchisees Choose Famous Toastery Over Other Breakfast Brands

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Why Franchisees Choose Famous Toastery Over Other Breakfast Brands
Why Franchisees Choose Famous Toastery Over Other Breakfast Brands
With a wealth of chains all boasting breakfast, choosing the right franchise isn't easy. But with better food and a better model, Famous Toastery is gaining the upperhand.

From yogurt and muffins to eggs benedict and French toast, just about every QSR and fast-casual diner dishes up their own version of breakfast.

But not all morning meals are created equal—in a sea of all-day breakfast offerings, it can sometimes be hard to rise above the fray. Enter Famous Toastery, a leader in the brunch segment. According to co-founder and CEO Robert Maynard, the secret to standing out as the superior breakfast choice is simple—don’t compromise.

“It’s so much easier to take out a bag of potatoes and heat it up and give it to someone. It takes more time to wash, dry, cut and cook potatoes—but that’s the kind of added care to detail that helps Famous Toastery standout,” Maynard said. “Everything you eat that day was made that day. It’s about always going that extra step, and we feel like we’re doing what people expect out of their meals these days. If you want to be the best, you have to act like it—that means flying in lobster daily; roasting your own chicken every morning; and making your own dressings. We don’t have deep fryers or heat lamps.”

It’s hard work, but Maynard says it pays off. And they’ve created their own lucrative niche because of it.

“When it comes to better-breakfast, there’s no real leader in it. People are starting to see Famous Toastery as an incredible opportunity,” Maynard added.

Today, Famous Toastery boasts unrivaled loyalty—the same customers come back four to five times a week. And there are currently 25 additional stores in the planning stages or on the verge of opening.

“Breakfast has always been popular, it’s just that very few brands put the effort into capturing this segment with a concerted effort—hence, the need for a concept like Famous Toastery and our highly differentiated menu,” said Dean Kessel, a Famous Toastery franchisee. “Our customers love the fact that they can get anything on our menu from the morning through late afternoon. And the recipes and the methodology behind our meals are unlike anyone else in the category. It’s great being a part of a start-up franchise and having the opportunity to be part of the growth of such a unique concept—the reaction customers have to our product validates my decision to become a franchisee every day.”

But it’s not just the unique menu and attention to detail that’s drawing franchisees to Famous Toastery. According to Maynard, the brand’s better work-life balance has become an important perk, too. While many QSR chains are open 24 hours, Famous Toastery takes pride in the fact that it operates on an eight-hour work day. This means that franchisees can close up shop at 3 p.m. and get home to their families shortly thereafter—all while maintaining the same high AUVs that many chains with longer hours achieve.

When Michelle and Tim McGinnin moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they quickly noticed that there was a huge lack of breakfast in the community. The couple debated getting into the restaurant business for a handful of years, but with two young kids in elementary school, they weren’t sure if they were ready for the time commitment that came with business ownership. Then they found out that Famous Toastery was franchising.

“We did our homework. We knew breakfast was what we wanted to do. But more importantly, we liked the hours that Famous Toastery offered, and how they worked with having a family. This was an opportunity to offer a better breakfast option to the community we love, while simultaneously being able to spend time with our family and not sacrificing our personal lives. Famous Toastery gave us the opportunity to have it all,” Michelle said.

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