Strong Growth in Q1 Fuels Famous Toastery’s Mission to Triple its Size by the End of 2017

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Strong Growth in Q1 Fuels Famous Toastery’s Mission to Triple its Size by the End of 2017
Strong Growth in Q1 Fuels Famous Toastery’s Mission to Triple its Size by the End of 2017
The better breakfast brand is planning to open up 10 more stores before the year comes to an end.

Ever since Famous Toastery first opened its doors for business back in 2005, the brand has been setting a new standard for excellence in the better breakfast industry. In addition to treating every customer like family and serving top quality food, Famous Toastery has positioned itself at the forefront of an increasingly popular segment. That’s why it’s no surprise that the brand is on pace to triple its size by the end of the year.

Right now, there are 17 Famous Toastery locations that are currently open for business across the country. But in 2017, the brand has its sights set on signing 15 deals for a total of 75 restaurants. It’s also planning to have 30 locations open for business before the year comes to a close. And while those development goals might seem ambitious, the brand is already well on its way to making it a reality. In the first quarter of the year alone, Famous Toastery opened up five new restaurants.

“We couldn’t be happier with our strong start to the year. By continuing to keep up this impressive pace, there’s no doubt that we’ll reach our goal,” said Robert Maynard, Famous Toastery’s founder and CEO. “As we break into new markets throughout the U.S., it’s becoming increasingly clear to us that both consumers and business owners are looking for a higher quality breakfast and brunch restaurant. We cater to that growing demand perfectly, and we’re confident that our expertise in the industry will add to our strong momentum.”

In order to triple in size, Famous Toastery is partnering with passionate and dedicated franchisees at a rapid rate. And the brand’s existing owners are also deciding to grow alongside the brand as they continue to see success in their existing locations. Even Jason Serkin, Famous Toastery’s franchisee, just signed a five-store agreement with the brand.

“I ultimately decided to grow with the brand over other opportunities because there’s a real need for it in the restaurant space. There’s nothing else out there like it, and consumers are looking for a better place to enjoy the most important meal of the day,” Serkin said.

From its signature “every server is your server” mentality to its fresh and innovative menu, Famous Toastery’s entire system is designed to help the brand stand out from the competition. The brand’s recipes and menu items are made fresh at every restaurant each day, with Famous Toastery even flying fresh lobster to all of its locations on a daily basis to ensure that its standards for quality are maintained.

But what makes Famous Toastery attractive to business owners extends beyond the consumer-facing side of its model. The brand’s flexible hours of operation that run from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. enable its franchisees to make a living while doing what they love and making it home in time for dinner with their families. That positive work-life balance—in addition to Famous Toastery’s unique model—are difficult to beat.

“We make it our top priority to set our franchisees up for success, both personally and professionally. We want to see our local owners thriving both in and outside of their restaurants, and our model lends itself to that,” said Maynard. “Going forward, we’re eager to continue working with more talented and driven franchisees who share our passion for bringing better breakfast to consumers. We truly believe that 2017 will be a record breaking year for the Famous Toastery brand.”



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