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The Herald: Famous Toastery Opens Newest Restaurant in Rock Hill
Jason and Michelle Serkin elaborate on the opening and excitement to become members of the Rock Hill community

Jason and Michelle Serkin opened their latest Famous Toastery on April 19 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The Serkin's strive to be part of the community and have a family friendly environment in every town. During their opening they donated to the Harlan’s Heroes charity, a local charity that helps families that are fighting with childhood cancer.  

“We’ve always wanted to be part of the community,” Serkin told The Herald. “We want people to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and the food. It already feels like home already after the first day.”

This location has been renovated from a previous owner and Serkin is excited about the new changes. He believe the Rock Hill community is a great place for a Famous Toastery

“We thought people needed the options in this area. Not a run-of-the-mill, fast-food place, but a community place where people sit with family and friends, and enjoy the time,” Serkin told the reporter. 

You can view the entire article here.