Famous Toastery Recognized By CNBC As Top Franchise to Watch in 2016

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Famous Toastery Recognized By CNBC As Top Franchise to Watch in 2016
Famous Toastery Recognized By CNBC As Top Franchise to Watch in 2016
The brand is making a name for itself thanks to quality ingredients and a commitment to excelling in the better-breakfast segment.

This year, franchising has drawn in substantial attention as food giants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s double down on re-franchising their restaurants.

And there’s a good reason why these brands consistently make national headlines—because franchising is a model that works.

“For those with experience or lack of it in foodservice, getting on board with a franchise allows you to have a system in place to market and operate a business, because most people don’t have a clue,” said Technomic President Darren Tristano in a phone interview with CNBC.

As the ins-and-outs of the franchising industry continues to become better understood by the general public, Technomic decided to put together a list of their top franchise businesses—many of which cater to a niche food industry.

“Overall, they tend to be newer, more contemporary restaurants,” said Tristano. “I think better is the singular theme. These restaurants are striving to do a better job—with food, service and experience.”

Founded in Charlotte, North Carolina long before breakfast took an artisanal turn, Famous Toastery is one of the six franchises to make the cut—an honor that’s nearly 10 years in the making. Since 2005, the brand has won best breakfast and brunch in Charlotte and the greater Charlotte market. And today, this small-home-turned restaurant boasts more than 12 locations throughout the Southeast. And with dozens of additional entrepreneurs also in the final stages of signing on to open their own locations, Famous Toastery is poised for rapid expansion.

According to Robert Maynard, co-founder and CEO of Famous Toastery, the crux of the brand’s success is due, in large part, to their unmatched potential in the better-breakfast segment—something that Maynard believes they excel at.

“Better breakfast is still an untapped market. We have a tremendous following of loyal and regular customers because our brand is up-front about where our food is coming from,” Maynard said. “We are the antithesis of the greasy spoon. Everything we serve is created that day. We come in early to prep and make everything from scratch daily—from salad dressings to roasting turkey s and baking chicken. No detail is too inconsequential—everything is fresh and made with the best, natural ingredients.”

As the nation’s only better-breakfast franchise, Maynard said being named one of the top six food franchises in the country is a testament to the growing demand for better, chef-inspired and healthier breakfast and brunch options in 2016—and Famous Toastery is fully prepared to heed that call. Over the past decade, Famous Toastery has emerged as the perfect storm. They’re setting and then exceeding the standards in an untapped market, they promote a quality lifestyle for their employees, and patrons are guaranteed better breakfast options with better ingredients. In the end, it’s a business model that works for all parties involved.

“We’re honored to be named by CNBC as one of the top six franchises to watch this year. The bottom line is we do it better. And as our brand continues to grow—both geographically and philosophically—we are looking forward to upholding that promise for years to come.”

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